Often a single example of work may not demonstrate all the required objectives for a particular assignment. Instead students should collectively consider: the required objectives for each assignment, the multiple examples presented on this blog and during in class presentations. As well ideas discovered through a student's independent research in combination with various examples and ideas presented by instructor will ultimately be the best approach for synthesizing ideas and reaching the requirements (and unique outcome) for any particular course project.

Assignment 4: Painting/Depiction of the Portable/Collapsible Box Assignment Interior

Visual language                                            Instructor: Derek Brueckner
                                                                              Email: Derek.Brueckner@umanitoba.ca

Painting/Depiction of the Box Assignment Interior

Assignment Summary:
Using paint depict the Box Assignment Interior on a 16 x 20 inch surface (minimum size)

Selecting Composition to Depict Box Interior:
When composing the shapes and line with in the picture plane allow the illusion of space to eventually give a sense of foreground, middleground and background (spatial characteristics).  This sense of space will be imperative when depicting the subject matter and space inside the box.

Ideally people should select a viewpoint, which will give a view of a corner with two walls along with a floor plane or ceiling plane. As in the box assignment a unified variation of line, shape and colour is most ideal for this painting assignment.

Process to Depict Box Interior (and How to Start):
Start with basic abstract shapes anticipating layering, editing and revising as forms and composition gradually become clarified (or realistic) in the painting. While depicting the box interior keep in mind shadows and highlights may change depending on the context or room where the box is located. In the depiction of the box interior, people may combine different lighting set-ups within the box from different contexts (rooms) provided it does not confuse or contradict the spatial qualities in the depiction. While using the paint to depict the box interior focus on local colour with a combination of optical mixing and physical mixing of colour systems.
Previous Colour Assignments in Course and Strategizing with Colour:
For this painting assignment consider the Double Primary Colour Wheel assignment completed in previous classes including the 3 rings of colour along with the warm and cool primaries (double primaries).

The two inner rings of the colour wheel assignment have colours created by mixing various percentages of complimentary colours together. These neutral colours are derived from mixing complimentary colours that can allow for a huge range of options when considering colours for shadows and variations of light when depicting planes and mass. Overall neutral colours should replace black and often analogous colours can replace white.

As in the colour grid assignment, allow for a strategic use of colour. Use colour in relation to mixing and considering full ranges of hues: primary, secondary, and tertiary colours. Also strategically use: tints, neutrals, complimentary and analogous colour systems, pure and muted colour.

Additional Ideas Regarding Colour and Space:
Strategize where to use a progression of high contrast to low contrast in order to convey spatial characteristics. Consider intervals and negative spaces to be as important as the positive shapes and lines. As well strategize progressively where detail will be placed and where forms and lines will be depicted with no detail.  Space can also be characterized by a progression of sharp edges on shapes and lines and blurry edges on shapes and lines.

Consider using transparent and opaque paint characteristics. Painting opaquely will be very useful for covering (layering over) "mistakes" and could potentially lead to an interesting physicality of materials. Thick and thin applications and or smooth and rough applications of paint can offer variations with in the painting. Some strategizing with variations regarding physicality of materials will also assist in the spatial characteristics.

Student Work Examples of Assignment (Painting Assignments Depicting Box Assignment Interiors):